Leaf Spring

At our company, we manufacture all types of leaf springs for various applications. We use high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure that our leaf springs are durable, reliable and efficient. Our leaf springs are designed to provide optimal suspension performance, reduce vibration and noise, and enhance the safety and comfort of the drivers and passengers. Whether you need custom-made leaf springs or standard sizes, we can meet your specifications.

Types of Leaf Spring

Mono-leaf springs

Multi-leaf springs

Parabolic leaf springs

Types of Leaf Spring Based on their Applications:
  • Automobile Leaf Springs
  • Agricultural Trolley Leaf Springs
  • Truck Leaf Springs
  • Trolley Leaf Springs
  • Trailer Leaf Springs
  • Parabolic Leaf Springs
  • Golf Cart Leaf Springs
  • E-Rickshaw (Three-Wheeler) Leaf Springs


At Our Company, we manufacture all types of Spanners for various applications, such as tightening or loosening bolts, nuts, screws, and other fasteners. Spanners come in different types, such as:

Angled Socket Spanner

Angled Socket Spanner Milled Head

Four Way Wheel Nut Spanner

L Spanner

L Spanner Double Socket

Solid Tubular Spanner

T Handle Spanner

Tubular Box Spanner

Two Way Wheel Nut Spanner

Tyre Lever

Combination Spanner

Double Open-End Spanner

Double Ring Spanner


Extension Bars

Extension Bars Extra Long

L Handle

Sliding T Bar

Battery Terminals

At Our Company, we manufacture Brass Battery Terminal. It is made of brass, a metal alloy that has high conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. There are two types of brass battery terminal: machine made and forged or casted type. Machine made terminals have precise dimensions and smooth surfaces. Forged or casted terminals have more strength and flexibility than machine made terminals.

  • Machine Made Battery Terminals:
    • Seiver Crimp Type
    • Solder Type (Machined)
    • Solder Less (Screw) Type (Machined)
    • Solder Less (Screw) Type (Machined)
    • Angle (Bosch) Type
    • USA Car Type
    • Post Type (Machined)
    • Hex Head Bolt Type (Machined)
    • Cable Lugs (Brass)
  • Forged Battery Terminals:
    • Angle (Bosch) Type
    • Side Double Fixing Type
    • Crimp (Clip) Type
    • Solder Type
    • Seiver Crimp Type
    • Solder Less (Screw) Type
    • Post Type H.D.
    • Post Type (Medium)
    • Knock Out Type
    • Solder (Crimp) Type (Heavy)
    • Easy Fixing Type