Solar Tubular Battery

Solar Tubular Battery

Solar tubular batteries are designed to provide reliable and consistent power for various applications, such as solar home systems, solar street lights, solar water pumps, Inverters, and more. They are made of high-quality materials and components and have a long service life and low maintenance cost. Solar tubular batteries come in different capacities, ranging from 55Ah to 270Ah @C20 rate and 100Ah to 250Ah @C10 rate. These ratings indicate the amount of current that the battery can deliver for 20 hours or 10 hours, respectively, until it reaches its cut-off voltage. The higher the C-rate, the faster the battery discharges and the lower its capacity. Solar tubular batteries are suitable for both deep-cycle and shallow-cycle applications and can withstand frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations. They are also resistant to corrosion, leakage, and overcharging. Solar tubular batteries are the ideal choice for your solar energy needs. If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

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Features :

  • Full design capacity.
  • Fast charging and easy recovery from deep discharge.
  • Excellence capacity and better deep cycle performance.
  • Float level indicator provided to check battery’s solution level.
  • Highly resistant to extreme environment conditions.
  • Special additive for the better charge acceptance and retention of charge.
  • Spine casting done on automated pressure die casting machines.
  • Batteries are made with state-of-the-art advance technology.
  • Separate drying machine for the uniform and complete drying of plates.
  • High impact polypropylene battery case for the durability.
Types ofBattery Model Name Nominal Voltage Capacity Overall Dimensions Container


(V) (Ah) L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
Short Tubular C20 Series CSST55C20 12v 55Ah@C20 306 173 223 PPCP
CSST75C20 12v 75Ah@C20 410 176 235 PPCP
CSST100C20X 12v 100Ah@C20 410 715 272 PPCP
CSST100C20 12v 100Ah@C20 525 285 285 PPCP
Tall Tubular C20 Series CSTT120C20 12v 120Ah@C20 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT150C20 12v 150Ah@C20 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT180C20 12v 180Ah@C20 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT200C20 12v 200Ah@C20 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT225C20 12v 225Ah@C20 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT250C20 12v 250Ah@C20 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT270C20 12v 270Ah@C20 503 189 411 PPCP
Tall Tubular C10 Series CSTT100C10 12v 100Ah@C10 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT120C10 12v 120Ah@C10 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT150C10 12v 150Ah@C10 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT180C10 12v 180Ah@C10 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT200C10 12v 200Ah@C10 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT225C10 12v 225Ah@C10 503 189 411 PPCP
CSTT250C10 12v 250Ah@C10 503 189 411 PPCP